ROSCHER Faux Woodgrain Butter Dish (White Porcelain) Smooth Surface, Single...

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  • Quick Access Butter Tray – This innovative butter tray lets an entire table serve themselves more quickly and easily with the open-face plate-style butter dish design.
  • Woodgrain Design Style – A traditional off-white color mixed with a vintage woodgrain look, these butter dishes make a unique addition to your home or kitchen
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  • High-Quality Porcelain Finish – More classic than plastic, crystal glass, or ceramic, these porcelain butter dishes are easy to clean, elegant, and lightweight for easy use.
  • Wider Square Structure – Unlike a rectangular butter dish, the square design lets you store and serve long sticks or mounds of butter based on your specific needs.
  • Multipurpose Server – A great choice for parties, gatherings, dinner, or breakfast, the square, portable design is great for vegan, organic, or all-natural butters.

An Original Butter Dish Complete with Faux Woodgrain Finish Ideal for Modern Kitchens!

Butter comes in a wide range of styles, formats, and flavors, but we all want to enjoy it to its fullest! That’s why we created the one-of-a-kind ROSCHER Faux Woodgrain Butter Dish; a unique design perfect for serving sticks, mounds, and dabs of your favorite butter flavors and styles. A square dish shape, these butter dishes are perfect for kitchens who look value versatility and the ability to stand out.

Product Details:

  • Faux Woodgrain Butter Dish
  • Holds Sticks or Mounds of Butters
  • Sleek, Beautiful Porcelain Finish
  • Refrigerator and Dishwasher Safe
  • Stain and Odor Resistant with Proper Care
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